In this short article you will learn how to configure Tank Usage and Tank Fill reports for regular delivery to your email.


Step 1: Login

  • Using any modern HTML 5 web browser, navigate to
  • When presented with the login screen, enter your credentials to login.  If your account is newly created, you should have received your credentials by email.

Step 2: Navigate to Control Panel

  • In the top menu bar for the portal, click "Control Panel".  This allows you to access settings and configuration for all aspects of the site.

Step 3: Click "Preferences/Config" Tab

  • The Control Panel has several tabs, each providing access to specific configuration information.  Click on the "Preferences/Config" tab to bring up the report configuration properties.

Step 4: Click "Create New Report" Button

  • Find the "Manage Reports" section and click the "Create New Report" button to bring up the New Report editor.

Step 4: Configure and Save Report

  • Select the appropriate report type (see Report Types).
  • Name the report - this should be a descriptive title for this report configuration. Example: "Daily Tank Usage For My Tanks".
  • Select the report schedule - this determines how often the reports will run.  See Report Types for available schedules for your chosen report.
  • Select groupings (see Report Grouping).  You can select multiple groupings to create subgroupings.
  • Select sorting filters (see Report Sorting).  You can select multiple sort filters.
  • Choose a filter for the report (see Report Filtering).
  • Select report formats (see Report Formats).
  • Click "Save" to save new report.  Within 30 minutes, your new report should run the first time and then will run at regular intervals based on the selected schedule.  Reports are delivered to your email in the selected formats. 

Report Types

Report TypeDescriptionAvailable Schedules
Tank UsageProvides performance to target, usage rate, days to emptyDaily, Weekly, Monthly
Tank FillProvides information about fill events including fill efficienciesMonthly

Report Groupings

Reports can have up to 3 levels of grouping.  The top level grouping is the first one selected.  Subsequent grouping selections will create subgroups.  For example, if you select User/Location, then the tanks will be grouped first by the user, and then for each user, a subgroup of location will be created.
  • User - creates a grouping for each user.  Group contains all tanks managed by that user.  Unmanaged tanks are grouped together in a group titled "Unspecified"
  • Location - creates a grouping or subgrouping for each location.  Group contains all tanks at that location.  
  • Chemical - creates a grouping or subgrouping for each chemical type.  Please note chemical names need to be identical to be grouped together properly.

Report Sorting

Tanks can have 5 levels of sorting.  Sorting is performed in the order it was selected.  For example, if you sort by Days To Empty and then Location, tanks will be displayed sorted so that the tanks with the highest Days to Empty are shown for each location, with the locations themselves sorted in alphabetical order.

  • Location
  • Days to Empty
  • User - this the manager (if assigned) of the tank.
  • Chemical
  • Last Fill Date

Report Filtering

Reports can be filtered to include only a subgroup of tanks.  Currently, the only two options are None or My Tanks.  If None is selected, all tanks are included in the report.  If My Tanks is selected, then only the tanks being managed by you are included.

Report Formats

Reports can be delivered in two formats.  You can select one or both.  Reports will be generated on the selected schedule and delivered to your email in the selected formats.

  • PDF - report is in PDF format
  • Excel - report is in .xls format. All values are written as numbers so data filtering can be done in Excel.