We've had reports of ThermoWorks' Thermometer changing the temperature display units from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The only way this can occur is if someone (sneaky Pete) downloads an app that can connect to your Bluetooth Thermometer to change this setting. 


Below, we describe the way to resolve the temperature unit display on your thermometer. Let's begin!

1. Open your app store. Download and install ThermoWorks' HACCP LE app.

2. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.

3. Turn your ThermoWorks thermometer on. 

4. Open HACCP LE on your mobile device.

5. From the HACCP LE menu, tap "Devices".

7. Allow the HACCP LE app to locate your Thermometer

8. Tap the plus sign or the name of your thermometer to connect it.

9. With the thermometer connected to the app, return HACCP LE's menu and select "Settings"

10. Under Device Settings, your Unit should be set to Celsius.

11. Tap the radio button for Fahrenheit.

12. You should see the change immediately on your ThermoWorks Thermometer LCD screen.

13. Be sure to close the app on your phone and disable the Bluetooth settings for your mobile device.