Every month, we strongly advise that you complete a monthly check of your system. We'll outline the things you need to review monthly.

1. Account User Check: Under Control Panel > Account Users, ensure your users' information is correct. Verify email addresses cell phone numbers and role assignment. 

  • For Account Users that are no longer a part of your system, you can "XXX" the *.com or *.net of their email address to prevent access to the system. You can also remove their roles.

2. Alert Contacts Check: Under Control Panel > Alert Contacts, ensure your contacts' information is correct. Also check alert assignment by editing the contact's alerts. You may add/remove alerts from alert contacts as you wish.

3. Gateway Status Check: Your gateway is the device that collects sensor data and sends it to the cloud (Whisker.io). Without this device in good repair, your alerting system will not work.

  • Verify Power: Ensure your gateway is plugged into an outlet and/or UPS/battery backup. If you use a UPS/Battery back, ensure it's plugged into an outlet and powered on. Make sure the gateway power supply is plugged into the UPS/Battery backup's Surge and Back-up outlet.

  • Verify Status: Your gateway is equipped with status LEDs, Power, Cellular Network and Radio Frequency (RF). These LEDs should be lit. The Cell and RF LEDs should periodically blink.

  • Antenna Check: Ensure Cell and RF antennas are securely attached to the gateway and that they are in good repair. Some sensors can be equipped with antennas too -so the same is true for them.


4. Sensor/Device Check: Under My Devices > Table tab > Desired Location(if more than one) > Tables tab, double-check your "Date" column for any dates that are not current. It's easy to assume everything is "OK" if you only look at the device status, monitored value, battery status or RSSI signal strength.