We've made the entire process as "peel and stick" as possible.

Here is the entire process -from start to finish.

  1. Locate a mounting location:
    • in semi-secure area that prevents the gateway from being knocked around or unplugged 
    • as equidistant from all sensors as possible
    • somewhere high on a wall
    • with an accessible power outlet
    • in an area that can acquire a cellular signal
  2. Clean and prep gate installation location (a 4"x4" area is more than enough) with a provided alcohol pad.

  3. Peel the protective film off the sticky tape strips on the back of the gateway.

  4. Ensure antennas are poing up, then press and hold the gateway with adequate pressure to the prepped area for 30-seconds.

  5. Attach antennas to respective threaded connections.

  6. Peel the protective film off the cellular antenna for the sticky tape and mount to wall.

  7. Plug power supply into gateway and power outlet and/or UPS Battery Back-up if applicable.