Whisker.io's® Portal comes with a preconfigured Alert Notes console. This console allows users the ability to provide cause and resolution notes to every alert generated. The Alert Notes console is available in the primary navigation bar, under "Alert Notes".

Introduction to the Alert Notes Console


The Alert Notes console is broken down into (4) main tabbed views:

  • Alerts By Location: Displays all alerts for all locations (grouped) under the account.
  • Alerts By Date: Displays all alerts by Alert Activity Date
  • Alerts By Current Status: Displays alerts by Current Alert Status
  • Alerts By Resolution Status: Displays alerts by current resolution status.

Date/Time Range: 

By default, the console's table is set by the current day. You may select a currently month view or an outlook of (3) months. Additionally, you may choose to look at a custom date range if desired.

The Grid View: 

The data grid populates the values of the all the alert details. They are: 

  • Location Name: Designates the name of all location associated with your account.
  • Device Name: Designates the sensor that's paired with the appliance being monitored.
  • Alert Name: Designates the name of the alert assigned under alert management.
  • Value: Is derived from the alert's target channel. This value will be dependent on sensor application. 
  • Alert Activity Date: s defined as the time the alert was edited.
  • Current Alert Status: Displays the current status of the device -regardless of the alert.
  • Is Active: Displays the functioning status of the alert (active or inactive).
  • Cause Author: The person currently assigned to the alert for management.
  • Resolution Author: The person who updated the alert with a resolution.
  • Cause: Designates the cause of the alert and is user completed.
  • Resolution: Designates the resolution or "fix" to the alert cause and is user completed.
  • Resolution Status: Displays whether or not the alert has been resolved or not.
    • Green Checkmark: Resolution provided
    • Red "X": Resolution pending/outstanding
  • "Edit": Allows user the ability to add Cause and Resolution notes.

The column headers listed above may be reorganized (via drag and drop) in any order the user sees fit. These modifications are then saved for the user for future use.

Alert Cause and Resolution:

When editing an alert, the top 10 fields cannot be modified as they are auto-populated. Only the "Cause" and "Resolution" fields can be updated.

Resolution Cause and Author fields will auto-populate for user logged in and editing the alert note. If another user edits either field -the author field will reflect that user's update. In the lower right corner of the alert, you may save or cancel your update(s). Completed or resolved alerts will be automatically pushed to the bottom of the list -providing users with a focus on outstanding alerts towards the top of the grid.

    Sample Causes:

  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Inventory
  • Door Broken
  • Unplugged    
  • Door left open/cracked
  • Coil Freezer-over

    Sample Resolutions:

  • Fridge Cleaned
  • Maintenance complete by technician
  • Plugged appliance into outlet
  • Fixed door seal
  • Shipment received -door closed  
  • Defrosted unit