This article discusses the process of restarting or resetting a Smart.Hub/gateway.


Step 1: Determine the Smart.Hub/gateway status. Determine your Smart.Hub/gateway's orientation by determining label direction (antennas to the right). LED examples shown below.

  • Are the LEDs on? - Check the Cellular/Network and RF LEDs for periodic blinking.
  • Are the LEDs off? - Ensure the gateway and battery backup are plugged in and powered on
    • Let your D6 Support Representative know the status.
  • Is the Smart.Hub/gateway plugged into a power source. Smart.Hub

Step 2: Determine the status of your Battery Backup/UPS (if applicable).

  • Is the power LED on? - Ensure the gateway is also powered on when plugged into the UPS.
  • Is the power LED off?
    • If off, hold the power button down on the battery backup/UPS for 2-seconds until it beeps.
  • Is the battery backup plugged into a power source?
    • If not, plug it into the wall.
    • Ensure your Smart.Hub/gateway is plugged into the Backup & Surge side of the battery backup/UPS.

CyberPower Battery Backup  

APC Battery Backup
(can be black or white in color)
(You may download the respective PDF for your battery backup/UPS and the very bottom of this article)


Step 3: Reset the Smart.Hub/gateway

  • Locate the white power supply cord between the Smart.Hub/gateway and its power source.
  • Unplug the white power cord's connector from the Smart.Hub/gateway's end.
  • Wait 20-30 seconds.
  • Plug the white power supply's cord connector back into the Smart.Hub/gateway.
  • Ensure all the LEDs are lit and at least two of them periodically blink.

Note: If you have a battery backup/UPS, DO NOT unplug it from the wall during the reset process. This will not properly reset the Smart.Hub/gateway.