D6 Labs' universal Smart.Soap™ sensor can be installed to the left or the right of the soap/sanitizer dispenser. 

  • Left Side Installation: The antenna should point down and the red arrow should point to the right.

  • Right Side Installation: The antenna should point up and the red arrow should point to the left.

The red arrow should be aligned so that it is in line with the hand placement when employees use the soap dispenser.

The sensor should be mounted so that there is 1-2” of clearance between the sensor and the location of the employee’s hands when using the dispenser.

Installation Steps:

  1. Determine placement of sensor and mount bracket to the wall using the included screws and/or foam mounting tape. The bracket has a curved section removed on one end that allows space for the antenna.
  2. Utilize the included alcohol cleaning swabs to prep the installation area. 
  3. NOTE: Ensure that the bracket is oriented so that the antenna is facing up (mounted on the right side of dispenser) or down (mounted on the left side of dispenser) as required.
  4. Remove the protective backing from the foam mounting tape and mount the bracket to the wall.
  5. Insert batteries into sensor. The light should start blinking.
  6. Install sensor into the mounted bracket.

Testing the Unit:

The red LED/light should illuminate when hands are sensed under the dispenser and will remain lit for 20-seconds. This time period is designed to help employees wash their hands for a minimum of 20-seconds. The LED/light should not illuminate again until another employee triggers the sensor during dispenser usage.