Let's discuss the troubleshooting steps below on our patent-pending Smart.Soap  -universal soap dispenser monitoring system. Before starting, it is highly recommended to only use fully charged, matching, name-brand batteries in these units.

Issue: Hand wash count is not reporting in Whisker.io.


  • If you've recently purchased a Smart.Soap  kit, please be sure you've provisioned the kit properly and ensure you've dragged your device(s) onto the map in Whisker.io

  • Ensure the red LED lights up when you wave your hand in front of the sensor. The LED will remain lit for approximately 20-seconds -the same length of time as a proper hand wash session. The LED should turn off afterwards.

  • In Whisker.io, ensure the last reported date is current (within at least 5-10 minutes of current time). If not, the Smart.Soap  system could be too far away from the gateway.

  • Ensure your Smart.Soap™ was installed properly and that the "Hands" label arrow is pointing the right direction. 

  • Ensure the AA batteries are installed correctly with correct polarity direction.

  • Ensure you've installed matching, fully charged batteries.

  • After successfull battery replacement, the LED should blink 10-times, then 5 times. Afterward, you should be able to wave your hand in front of the sensor's eye to trigger a hand wash monitoring session in which the LED will remain lit for 20-seconds. If this does not occur, see the two steps from above.

NOTE: You may install Smart.Soap™ on the left or right side of your soap dispenser. If installed on the right of the dispenser -as pictured below, the antenna will point up. If mounted on the left of the dispenser -the antenna will point down.

During installation, please ensure the red arrow labeled "HANDS" is not mounted too high. Also ensure the unit is not mounted too low -where hands will not trigger the sensor's "eye".

If Smart.Soap's™ LED continues light after handwashing, please ensure no objects are in the line of sight of the sensor's eye. This might include a close wall next to your dispenser. At least 4 inches or more of distance between the sensors eye and the wall/obstruction is needed.