Changing the name of a sensor/device/appliance is easy to do in Let's discuss the steps below!

  1. Log into (your user in must have the permission/role of "admin" or higher.
  2. Select your desired location from the map or table view
  3. Under your desired location, browse to the table view and click on your device.
  4. Select the configuration (gear/cog) icon for the sensor/device/appliance.

  5. In the sensor/device/appliance editor, locate the name field and change your name as you wish.

  6. Save your changes when done. Changes take effect immediately.

NOTE: If you are moving a sensor to a different type of machine or appliance (like moving a sensor from a fridge to a freezer or visa versa), you will want to update your (temperature) alerts to reflect the appliance the sensor is now in.