Once you have ordered a Smart.Soap™ Starter Kit (buy here) for one or more locations, you need to create a whisker.io account (if you don't already have one), add locations to your account, and then add the Smart.Soap™ devices to each location. 

This article does not cover the physical installation of the devices.  You will find installation instructions in the information packet included in the starter kit.

Step 1 - Create Account at www.whisker.io

The Whisker.io® IoT portal is an HTML5 application you can access using any computer, tablet, or mobile device.  It provides real-time, remote access to your data using convenient dashboards and reports.

In order to use the Whisker.io™ IoT portal to view your hand wash data, you will need to create an account.  Using any browser, open www.whisker.io and click 'Register for one' on the login screen.

This will take you to the account registration form:

The registration form will ask for your company information and your personal contact information.  The company information is used for billing and support purposes and your contact information is used by our alerting system to send text and email alerts.

Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive an email with your temporary password.  Return to the login screen at www.whisker.io and enter your email address and temporary password to login.

When you login for the first time (or if our subscription agreement changes), you will be asked to review and accept the Subscription Agreement as follows:

Once you have read the agreement and accept its terms, click the checkbox in the bottom left of the form.  

Next, you will be asked for a credit card that will be used to pay your monitoring fees.  The first year's fees are waived for new products, so you will not be charged for 12 months.  We do not keep your credit card information in our database.  It is validated through Authorize.net and we are given a token we can use to charge your card in the future.  This protects your credit card information from being obtained in the unlikely even our servers were compromised.

Enter your credit card information and click 'Next'. 

Since you were assigned a temporary password at the start, the last step is to create a permanent password for your account.

Once you have reset your password, your account is ready to use.

Step 2 - Login and add a new location

You should now be logged in and your screen should look something like this:

This is called the Enterprise View.  Once your locations and devices are setup, it will show a color coded icon for every location in your enterprise, with the color indicating the status of the devices at that location.

To add a new location, you need to center the map on the place where you want the new location to be.  Click 'Center Map' and then click 'Address/Coordinates' to enter your location's address.  When you are finished, the map should be centered on that address.

Click 'New Location'  and then click on the place on the map where you want the location to be.  Once you click on the map, a dialog box will open and ask for a name for the location.  For this example, I am using the name 'Site 1'.  Now you will see a blue circle (blue means the location is new) representing your location.

With the location created and configured, we can now add devices to the location.  Click on the blue circle and then click the link in the pop-up to drill down to the Location View.

Step 3 - Add Devices to New Location

You will need the Self Install Kit to complete the next step.  Once you have that in hand, login and drill down to the location as explained in the previous steps.

The Location View is similar in appearance  to the Enterprise View, except that it shows a colored icon for each Whisker.io™ device at a location.  Currently, our location map is empty.

To add our recently purchased devices  to the location, click 'Provision New Products' and the following form is displayed:

Every product in your kit has a label that provides important information include the install kit serial number (starts with WSK). The serial number is also on the label on the outside of the box the kit was shipped in. Enter that serial number and click add.

The app uses the serial number to retrieve the contents of the kit and add them to the new location.  As you can see, our kit includes an Ethernet Smart.Hub and two (2) Smart.Soap™ hand wash monitors.  Click 'Continue' to save the devices and return to the Location View map.

The 'Products To Configure' button is now visible because there are 3 products that have been added to this location that need to be placed on the map.  Click the 'Products to Configure' button to bring up the configuration form.

The 'Configure' buttons are green because these products are all pre-configured at the factory prior to shipment.  To complete the provisioning process, each device needs to be placed on the map in the physical location where they are installed.  Click 'Place on Map' to open the placement form and then click on the map to place the device.

Repeat this process for each device.  Once all devices are placed, click save to complete the provisioning process:

Congratulations!  Your Smart.Soap™ kit is provisioned and ready to being monitoring hand wash activity at your location.