When FoodSafe.io Status Reports (FSR's) were originally released, the feature was enabled for everyone shortly after an emailed campaign was sent regarding RIoT's latest and patent-pending. However, if you are a new FoodSafe.io customer, you can easily enable this for you and your team.

  1. Log into Whisker.io
  2. Browse to "Restaurant IoT" in the primary navigation toolbar
  3. Click on "Actions" > "Admin Dashboard"
  4. Select "Reports" from the left column
  5. Click on "FoodSafe Report"
  6. Click into the email box and add any contacts you desire
  7. Then, Enable the report for the account.
  8. If desired, you may add a FoodSafe.io role(s) to receive the FoodSafe.io Status Reports.
  9. Changes are saved automatically

Status reports will be sent the following day. Please note, FoodSafe.io Status Reports are not the same as FoodSafe.io Reports that are sent from the FoodSafe.io digital food safety application. FoodSafe.io Status Reports were designed solely for administration-only purposes.