We use utilize a feature of our software that most people would know as "merge variables". They are basically call-tags that have the ability to populate data from external sources. This prevents you from having to type location and device names in manually. It can also auto-populate data such as temperature and date/time.

Here's an example of a Food Safety alert message from a refrigerator:

"The temperature in %devname% at %locname% was above 40F for more than 90 minutes! The temperature at %timestamp% is %val%."

If the above message were to be triggered by its alert, the message could look like:

"The temperature in Walk-in Fridge at Freaky Chicken #1 was above 40F for more than 90 minutes! The temperature at 1/31/2020 9:46:23AM is 43.37° F /8.83° C."

Here is what the merge variables are and what they mean:

%devname% = Automatically populates the respective sensor/appliance name.

%timestamp% = Automatically populates the date/timestamp of when the alert was triggered for the sensor/appliance.

%val% = Automatically populates the actual temperature of when the alert was triggered.

%locname% = Automatically populates the Location Name the sensor is in from the account location(s).