You've found the right place! You have problems, we've got solutions!

DIY / Self-Help:

Call it the D6 Labs' IoT Academy. Call it Training Resources. Call it whatever you want -just be nice.  :)

Obviously, we have self-help. You're in it. Can't find what you are looking for? Let us know and we can directly assist you Then, we can add a solution to our knowledge base and you'll end up being the herofor the next guy or gal out that has the same issue. You are how we get better!

Need Human Assistance? 

"We can't always fix it especially if we don't know about it!" Sometimes you're our first line of defense. If you have an issue or even an emergency, let us know.

(Yep, no secrets here)

What's the best way of getting assistance?

Technically, you can reach out to us by any means necessary. Keep in mind we typically response within minutes.

However, we have preferences too.

  • If you have an absolute emergency, call us immediately.
  • If you have an issue with our technology, email or text us.
  • If you have a general question, text or send us a trouble ticket.

(We simply provide this info as a courtesy to your team as well as ours.)