Contacts receive text and email messages when an alert condition exists.  This article will show you how to add a contact to a sensor alert.

Note: An alert contact must be created before that contact can be added to an alert. read "Managing Users and Alert Contacts" for more information on creating an alert contact.

Once you have the alert contact created, follow this simple procedure to add the contact to the alert.

  1. Browse to My Devices from the primary navigation bar
  2. Click on your location to open its details
  3. Click on a desired sensor/appliance to open its details
  4. Click the configuration "gear" icon for Internal Temperature.
  5. Click "View Alerts for this Channel" from the Edit Channel prompt
  6. Select the alert(s) you want to your new Alert Contacts to.
  7. Click "Edit Selected Alert"
  8. Under Contacts, place a check next to the Alert Contact(s) you want.
  9. Click the "save" button when done.

Repeat these steps for each sensor/appliance and their corresponding alerts.