The enterprise view provides an overview of the status of all locations that are being monitored.  This article will explain the enterprise view screen.

Enterprise View

The "Enterprise View" shows color coded icons for every location that has® devices.  The color and shape of the icon indicate the status of all devices at the location, providing an easy to use overview of your enterprise:

  • Green Circle - There are no active alerts on any monitored devices
    • Red Triangle - One or more monitored devices at the location has an active alert.

The"Enterprise View" is the first view you will see after logging in:

The main menu is available on every view and will remain visible as you navigate through the user interface.  The navigation breadcrumbs indicate the current view and also remain visible as you navigate.

You can also view locations in a table format by clicking on the table view:

Click on any map icon to see the location's name and a summary of alerts (if active):

Drill down to the "Location View" by clicking on the location's name in the pop-up.  You can also drill down by clicking on the location name in the table view as well.

The "Location View" provides a variety of tools for visualizing data from monitored devices at a location.  This article provides detailed information on the location view: Location View - Detailed Analytics For All Devices At A Location