Q: Does My Sensor Or Equipment Need To Be Replaced?

A: More than likely we've already started the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process for you. However, you are more than welcome to give us a call to investigate further. 

That being said, there are a series of steps we must complete during the RMA process. We've outlined them for you in the event you experience product related issues.

  1. A D6 Labs' employee must initiate the RMA process/number before any returned devices can be excepted. Please do not ship equipment back until this step has been completed.
  2. We will typically ship your replacement device to you, same day. Upon receipt of the shipment, please remove your faulty device(s) and replace it with the newly received shipment item(s). If you have questions with installation/uninstallation processes, please let us know immediately.
  3. Once your faulty device(s) have been been properly replaced, please ship back your faulty equipment in the same box that was included with your initial shipment. Also, use the pre-paid UPS label to ship your faulty equipment back to us.
  4. Your faulty device will go through a rigorous root failure analysis process to determine the cause of failure. If we deem the cause of failure to be own, there will be no charges to your account. If we deem the failure/damage was caused by an employee, the company will incur any additional charges for the replacement of the device. Note that employee damage-related failure is extremely rare.

Accordingly, failure to complete any of the steps above my cause your company to incur additional costs at subscription renewal. 

As always, if you have questions about faulty or damaged equipment, our RMA process or anything else, please let us know immediately.

Contact us via email: support@d6labs or via call: 844.365.8647 | Option: 2