One of the more useful features of our alerting system is the ability to disable alerts temporarily to prevent notifications from being sent by text message.   We call this "snoozing" an alert because it is very similar to snoozing your alarm clock when you just want a few extra minutes of sleep.  However, alert "snoozing" is a more practical and useful feature with many possible uses:

  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning 
  • Scheduled Downtime - when a piece of equipment is not in continuous use, you can schedule the alert to snooze when the equipment is not being used
  • Up Time Monitoring - set an alert to notify when a piece of equipment is not running, and use the snooze feature for scheduled down-time periods.

Alerts can be snoozed on a one-time basis (e.g. for maintenance) or on a regular schedule (e.g. equipment that is not in continuous use).

In this article, we will explain how to use this feature.


How to access the "Snooze Alerts" button:

Each device has a "Snooze Alerts" button that can be used to access the alert snoozing schedule.  To find the button:

  1. Log into your Account Portal with your assigned username and password

  1. From My Devices, click on any desired device to load its detailed view.

  2. Locate and click on the “Snooze Alerts” button to open the Snooze Alerts’ menu.

This will bring up the alert snooze management panel:


How to create a new alert "snooze"

To create a new alert "snooze", click the new button and fill out the fields:

Reason        This is to help you remember why you snoozed the alert.

Start            Pick the date and time you want the snooze to start

Stop            Pick the date and time you want the snooze to end

Repeat        If this is a scheduled snooze, select the repeat interval

Hit "Save" to finish creating the snooze.  Once the snooze is created, it will start and end at the specified dates and times.  It will also be listed on the left side of the management panel:

You can create as many alert "snoozes" for a device as you like.  Usually, the only reason you would do this is because you have a scheduled "snooze" for equipment that is not in continuous use and then that equipment needs maintenance during its scheduled up time. 

How to edit/remove an existing alert "snooze"

You can edit or remove any existing alert "snooze" by clicking on it on the left side of the panel.  Once you have selected an existing alert "snooze", the fields on the right side of the panel will populate with existing values. 

To edit the "snooze" change any of the values and click "Save".

To remove the "snooze" click "Remove".

Final Notes:

  • Not all users have access to Snooze Alerts. You must be at least a user assigned to the “Admin” role.
  • Once the Snooze Alert runs for its scheduled time, the Snooze Alert will remove itself -unless it’s scheduled to repeat.
  • You may always modify or even remove existing snooze alerts if desired and at any time.
  • Snooze Alerts can only be set on a device-per-device basis. There’s not a way to Snooze all devices at one time.
  • Alerts may be stacked for a single device if desired. This means one device could have multiple, separate snooze alerts scheduled for a set period of time.