Snooze Alerts

    Snooze Alerts are used to halt all notifications during scheduled downtimes such as:

  • Maintenance
  • Service/Cleaning
  • Stocking
  • Inventory  

    All snooze alerts will have settings for:

  • Reason: The reason the snooze alert is scheduled and/or enabled.
  • Start Date/Time: The scheduled start time a snooze alert is to halt notification
  • Stop Date/Time: The scheduled stop time a snooze alert is to begin notification
  • Repeat: Allows the Snooze Alert to repeat at the scheduled times, daily, weekly or custom.


To Access Snooze Alerts:

  1. Log into your Account Portal with your assigned username and password

  1. From My Devices, click on any desired device to load its detailed view.

  2. Locate and click on the “Snooze Alerts” button to open the Snooze Alerts’ menu.

  3. Click on “New” to create a new snooze alert for the selected device.    
  1. Set your reason, start and end times, a repeat selection (if desired) and click on the “Save” button.

  2. Great job! You’ve created your first Snooze Alert for one of your devices!

  1. Dependent on your scheduled snooze alert time, you will see either “Active/Scheduled to Snooze” or a “Snoozed” for the snoozed device.
  2. “Active” Snooze Alerts will show as a  styled icon on your Map, Tables or Tiles view tabs.


  • Not all users have access to Snooze Alerts. You must be at least a user assigned to the “Admin” role.
  • Once the Snooze Alert runs for its scheduled time, the Snooze Alert will remove itself -unless it’s scheduled to repeat.
  • You may always modify or even remove existing snooze alerts if desired and at any time.
  • Snooze Alerts can only be set on a device-per-device basis. There’s not a way to Snooze all devices at one time.
  • Alerts may be stacked for a single device if desired. This means one device could have multiple, separate snooze alerts scheduled for a set period of time.