Installation and Setup

Contains videos and articles showing how to install and setup the™ app.™ Installation and Setup - Start Here
Contents: 1. Before You Start 2. Prepare the Tablet 2. Installation 3. Setup Once the app is installed and setup is complete, you should r...™ Add/Edit Employees - Required
Introduction Once the™ app is installed, you will need to add a list of employees that will be using the app.  There are two ways you can ad...™ Manage Roles - Optional
Introduction Roles are used to give employees permissions to complete tasks in the™ app. There are four (4) pre-defined roles that are e...™ Setting User Permissions - Optional
Introduction Each function performed in the™ app requires the logged-in user to have appropriate permissions.  Within the app, permissions a...™ Change Checklist/Report Permissions - Optional
Introduction™ determines whether an employee can perform a checklist or view/approve reports based on what roles are assigned to the employe... Setting Up A Printer For Use With™ - Optional
Introduction Although™ is primarily designed to allow food safety operations to go "paperless", we understand that some brands and...
How do I sync my ThermoWorks BlueTherm One thermometer to
Introduction Typically, the syncing process typically occurs during the setup process of However, there could be some scenarios in which a ...