Q: Can you measure Temperature (C/F)?

A: The short answer is YES  -but we measure a lot more than temperature.  We have a broad range of configurations that can measure nearly anything you can imagine - including:


  • Humidity - absolute and relative

  • Power/Energy – we can monitor power quality, energy consumption, etc. for panels up to 480V, 1000A.  This is good to monitor the quality of incoming power, track energy consumption, and get notifications when power losses occur on a single phase or the entire panel

  • Current – we offer 25A, 50A and 100A split core transformers with our Whisker.Blocks that can be used to monitor equipment health at point of load (or where the equipment is powered)

  • Water leakage – sensors to detect water leakage on pipes or at floor level

  • Process – we offer 4-20mA inputs that can be used for a variety of process monitoring including tank levels, flow rate, chemical analysis, strain, etc.

  • Vibration – vibration sensing for motors, equipment, etc.

  • Light -quality and quantity

  • Hand hygiene compliance – smart soap dispensers

  • Ultrasonic tank level monitoring

  • Sewage/Septic station monitoring

  • Pump run, pump error, pump speed, stroke count, etc.

  • Temperature


That is just a few of the common things we do in addition to temperature.  We also have Modbus capability in our devices, so we can interface to building and process automation and provide remote monitoring and control from anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet or computer.