Many customers that purchase -our digital food safety checklist application, might be caught off guard during the first few weeks of usage. One of the most powerful, but yet misunderstood points of is, " does not require an internet connection to complete food safety checklists...". While this statement is entirely true, many customers fail to connect their iPad to the local WiFi connection -which could cause other features of not to run properly.

Below, we've outlined the various features of -and whether or not that feature requires an internet connection.

Function/TaskInternet Required?
Digital Food Safety ChecklistsNO
Cloud Sync (pushing current data on the iPad to the cloud)YES
Data Mirroring (pulling any new data from the cloud to the iPad)YES
Emailing Completed Food Safety ChecklistsYES
Generating Food Safety Reports
Daily Checklist Status UpdatesYES
Checklist Steps Linked to YES
Local Configuration ChangesNO
Completing Checklists NO
Cold Storage Access*YES
Hand Wash Access*YES

* Cold Storage and Hand Wash monitoring solutions must have been purchased and installed for these features to work. They'll be grayed-out if they're unavailable or if iPad does not have a valid internet connection.

The best solution is to doublecheck your iPad is connected to the local WiFi before launching or starting digital food safety checklists. It should also be a part of your daily workflow -just as we've outlined in our Daily Tasks flyer that shipped with each kit.

However, we understand that technology doesn't always work. Therefore, if your internet connection is temporarily unavailable, will still allow you to complete digital food safety checklists for the day(s). Just be sure to reconnect the iPad to the internet when the connection is restored.