Typically, the syncing process typically occurs during the setup process of However, there could be some scenarios in which a ThermoWorks thermometer might require to be resynced to the application. Let's discuss the short steps below.


  1. Ensure that the app is launched and that your ThermoWorks thermometer is on.
  2. Log into as a manager.
  3. Utilizing the navigation circle ( shield), tap the configuration (gear) icon.

  4. Locate and tap the Temperature Probe option along the left-hand menu.
  5. If prompted to "Reconfigure Probe", select "Yes" 

  6. On the Temperature Probe wizard, select your thermometer model from the dropdown. Currently, is only compatible with ThermoWorks' "BlueTherm One" and "TempTest 2 Blue" thermometer models. 

    (NOTE: If you utilize the newer TempTest Blue 2 thermometer, but do not see the option for it in the dropdown menu shown below, please update FoodSafe,io to the latest version (as of v2.1.4))

  7. Next, tap "Start Scanning". This process should find and sync your thermometer to the app.

  8. Return to the home screen and and continue use as normal.

If you have continued issues with connectivity, check here or contact D6 Labs' Support team via 405.606.2224, Option #2, support@d6labs.comor ticket and we'll work with your towards resolution.