Replacing the battery in your ThermoWorks BlueTherm One thermometer is an easy process -but it has to be done carefully.

Needed Items:

  • (1) Phillips Screwdriver
  • (1) AA Battery -please use a quality battery

Battery Replacement:

    • Unscrew the 4 screws located on the rear of the instrument and remove rear case.
      • This can be difficult especially after a long period, but if done gradually, at each corner, the case will come apart. Be careful not to cut or pinch the rubber seal. Flip the lid upwards once loose

    • Replace the "AA" battery -noting polarity.

    • Refit rear case and refit screws taking care not trap/pinch the seal. 
      • Tighten the screws evenly but do not over-tighten as this will affect the instrument water resistance.

    • Ensure the battery status icon in the upper-right corner shows a full battery.

NOTE: Typically, users will remove the stainless steel probe prior to replacing the battery. If "ERR" is shown after replacing the battery, simply re-insert the stainless steel probe back into the thermometer.