If your location allows or mandates that FoodSafe.io reports be emailed, there are a few prerequisites to know. We'll discuss them below:

1. Your Employee(s) information must have a valid and properly formatted email address.

2. Your Employee(s) must have the "DFSREport" role enabled.

3. If you or anyone else are the ones generating reports, you must have the "Manger" role enabled for your user.

NOTE: Save your changes when done. Permission changes require you to log out and log back into FoodSafe.io for role permissions to take effect.

To complete the report email process, browse to the Reports view. Tap the desired date/report and tap "Email". An email will automatically be sent to all employees that meet required prerequisites listed above. There is no email to type. 

*If your location requires report approval, please approve the report before utilizing the email feature.