Whisker.io: Version History and Release Notes

October 2022:

  • Enhancements:
    • WIOP-107: When devices are snoozed and viewed from the map view, click the snoozed device icon on the map will now show the snooze reason without having to drilldown into the device.

March 2022:

  • Enhancements
    • WIOP-102: Dashboard's gauge-style widgets received (3) new awesome features!
      1. Gauge-style widgets now display a timestamp the data was last obtained.
      2. Gauge-style widgets will now display a gray/grey title bar if the dataset is not current. 
      3. Gauge-style widgets will also display the message "No Recent Data" if the data displayed is older than midnight of the prior day.
    • WIOP-99: Location Status on map view (multiple locations) are now grouped -but also display by alert status severity.
    • WIOP-100: Device Status' now load by severity.
  • Resolutions:
    • WIOP-105: Resolved and issue where Whisker.io users could not manually request Equipment Health Reports (EHRs) in RestaurantIot (RIoT).
    • WIOP-103: Resolved an issue with new accounts where widgets were not properly updating with current data.
    • WIOP-101: Resolved an issue with pre-pending +1 on Cell Phone Numbers for Account Users and Alert Contacts. This could cause some users not to properly receive text alert messages from the system.

May 2021:
(Clearing browser cache/cookies might be required. If you don't see these new features, clear your browser's cache/cookies.)

  • A new roles (permissions) management system has been implemented to provide better control and flexibility in Whisker.io. Roles are now hosted under Control Panel. Learn more about Roles here.
  • We've implemented audit logging within Whisker.io. Changes to locations and devices is now tracked and logged. Currently, we do not have customer-facing interface to review this information. (Please contact D6 Labs' support team via email: support@d6labs.com or by phone: 844.365.86477 | Ext: 2)

July 2020: 

  • Released a new feature shared with our Maps view called Software Design Infrastructure (SDI) that now supports multiple Human Machine Interface (HMI) views. While the new feature is extremely flexible for multiple applications -it's primarily designed for our Industrial Automation (IIoT) vertical. Contact sales for more information: sales@d6labs.com or 844.365.8647

February 2020:

  • In Control Panel > Account Users, fixed a bug that caused new account users' screen to disappear if focus was lost.

  • In Control Panel > Account Users , fixed a bug caused new account users' screen to disappear if a previously used email address was entered and saved.

  • Whisker.io now handles new Account Users' alert assignment in bulk, rather than a device-by-device / alert-by-alert basis. This is true when editing Account Users.

  • Under Control Panel > Account, the Company Name field now has a 50-character limit.

  • In Control Panel > Account Users, creating a new Account Users in Whisker.io's configuration screen, address fields are no longer required.

  • Resolved an issue with Google's expired map key API.

  • Fixed a bug in RIoT's Administrative Dashboard where all Employee fields now have validation to prevent run-time errors.

  • Fixed a bug in RIoT's Administrative Dashboard where copying a checklist to multiple locations no longer fails.

  • Released an enhancement to My Device's view where you can export all sensor data to a zip file. You may select up to 7-day's worth of data at a time.

  • In RIoT's Administrative Dashboard > Reports, you can now assign FoodSafe.io users to receive Food Safety Status reports on a per location basis. 

January 2020:

  • Released Equipment Health Reports (EHR's)
  • Released FoodSafe.io Status Reports
  • Released CloudSync.io

December 2019:

  • Released Restaurant IoT (RIoT)
    • Released RIoT Executive Dashboard (Restaurant 360)
    • Released RIoT Administration Dashboard (Remote FoodSafe.io Management
      • Checklist
      • Roles
      • Employee
      • Reports