That's a great question and we're glad you are here! Hopefully this article can help you make the best decision possible.

Dependent on your kit, you may have multiple Whisker.Blocks and/or Smart.Hubs. It's best business practice on kit installation to install it in a temporary fashion before semi-permanently mounting your equipment.


Let's start with the most important part of your kit, the Smart.Hub -A.K.A. "gateway". The gateway is responsible for both receiving data from the Whisker.Blocks (sensors) and for communicating the received data to Portal (the cloud). If possible, it's best to place the gateway somewhere that's equidistant from all installed sensors but a place where the gateway can still achieve a cellular signal -and a place high on a wall or non-metallic shelf.

Do mount gateway(s):

  • as high as possible on a ceiling or wall
  • in the center of buildings -especially if there are multiple floors
  • as equidistant as possible to all sensors
  • in a location where the cellular antenna can obtain a connection

Don't mount gateway(s):

  • in low locations
  • in personal offices or on desks
  • where metal racks, shelves or wall coverings (like stainless steel) can impede signal strengths
  • where multiple, vertical structures are between the gateway and sensor(s)
  • furthest from the sensors
  • In ultra public places where the gateway could be tampered with


Next are Whisker.Blocks. These are the devices responsible for reporting recorded data to the gateway. Sensors are designed to wake-up and report data every 5-minutes. Whisker.Blocks (sensors) require the same care as gateway installation.

Do mount sensor(s):

  • near food or products being monitored
  • as close as possible to the gateway

Don't mount sensor(s):

  • near doors*
  • in ultra-low areas
  • directly to ceilings or tops of appliances (warm air rises and food is not typically stored there)
  • near lighting systems
  • in the air pathways/vents of or near the evaporator fans (both front and back sides)
  • in corners of units
  • in places where product boxes will come into contact with the sensor(s)

*Unless your team and/or equipment is experiencing issues with properly closed doors/drawers.

When it comes to installation, mounting gateway(s) high on walls is usually best business practice. As for gateways, utilize the extra cable length on the cellular antenna -when needed. You can also adjust the CB-style antenna for sensor signal reception. For sensors, mounting in a vertical fashion is highly recommended. Just ensure your sensors are located around where your food is stored -typically shoulder-height, midway into walk-ins or other appliances.