D6 Labs's employs the help from sos.splashtop.com for remote assistance on FoodSafe.io v2 on iPads. This document outlines the steps for usage.

  1. Launch the Safari browser and point the browser bar to sos.splashtop.com.
  2. If prompted to "...download splashtopsos.dmg", tap download. If the prompt does not show-up, tap the iOS download from the page and install the app.
  3. Once the SOS Splashtop app launches, you will be provided with a 9-digit access code. You will want to provide this to your D6 Labs representative when asked.
  4. Once your D6 Labs representative approves your code, you'll be prompted to start broadcasting your screen. This will allow the representative to see your screen as if he or she were there with you. Tap the broadcast target button now.
  5. Once you initialize the broadcast, you'll be prompted to "Start Broadcast". Tap the option and your D6 Labs representative will be able to see your screen and provide more detailed support.