Your restaurant might require you to select cook surfaces during the process of completing food safety checklists. Our system is all-inclusive. This means the cook surface options provided in our digital food safety checklist for food-based checklists are suited for all cooktops, platens, burners, steamers, combi-ovens and/or vats. Typically each product will have it's own cook surface and cook surface requirement.

If your checklist is a food-based checklist, you will be required to select at least (1) Cook Surface, as shown in the example screenshot below.

NOTE: If you have a (4) platen grill and only select the #4 below, you are telling the system you are testing only on Platen #4. This method is incorrect.

If you need to test all (4) platens, select the respective platen numbers to tested as shown in the sample below. This would be the correct method.