That's a great question -and one that can be confusing at times. Let's see if we can get them clarified.

As for most standard kits we sell and for most client locations, we do not use "Alarm High" or "Alarm Low" as an alerting mechanism. Our kit alerts are "threshold" based. Let's discuss them further.

When Alerts are configured with Alarm High and/or Alarm Low, this means an alert will normally be sent every time your appliance crosses your set temperatures. You'll also get alert "cleared" messages when the appliance stabilize between your high an low temperatures

This feature can also control the speedometer-style temperature gauge's color schematic and not have an effect on alerts.

The default alert we use in most of our kits are "threshold" based.

In the "Fridge #1 Alert" sample above:

  • The threshold is set to be a temperature greater than 7.2222(C) / 55(F). 
  • However, the text Alert won't be sent until the unit remains at 7.2222(C) / 55(F) for more than 30-minutes.
    • If the temperature recovers below the 7.2222(C) / 55(F) threhold within 30-minutes, no text alert will be sent.
    • If the temperature continues to exceed the 7.2222(C) / 55(F) threshold for longer than 30-minutes, a text alert will be sent
    • If the alert is triggered and the text alert is sent, but the temperature falls below 7.2222(C) / 55(F), an "all clear" text alert is sent to notify the user the appliance has returned to temp.