Introduction™ is capable of rendering the user interface in multiple languages.  Currently, English and Spanish are supported, but other languages will be added as needed.

The app allows management to specify a preferred language for each employee.  When the employee logs in, the app automatically switches to the employee's preferred language.

Please review the view at the bottom of the "Add/Edit Employees" article for instructions on how to change an employee's information.

You can change the default language for an employee using a web browser or the™ app.

Using a Web Browser

1. Log in to the® web portal and navigate to the employee's information on the Restaurant IoT™ executive dashboard (see "Add/Edit Employees" for a demonstration of the steps involved).

2. Set preferred language.  Changes are automatically saved.

Using™ App

1. Log in to™ app as user with sufficient permissions to change employee information (see "Add/Edit Employees" for a demonstration of the steps involved).

2.Set preferred language and save changes.