What You Need To Know

FoodSafe.io™ has the unique ability to allow daily food safety and other checklists to be completed even if the Internet connection of the tablet is slow or unavailable, ensuring you can get critical tasks completed on time, every-time.  

Because of this, there are two tasks you will need to do:

1. Daily Synchronization

2. Database Refresh when you change data in the cloud

Daily Synchronization

Each day, you need to ensure that the tablet is sync'd to the cloud. The app will automatically prompt you to do this anytime there is data that needs to be synchronized.  The more often you synchronize, the more up to date the cloud is.  In general, you should synchronize after each food safety period (such as breakfast and lunch), but you need to do it at least one time per day -preferably when all checklists are complete.  

Database Refresh

Anytime you use the Restaurant IoT™ Administrative Dashboard to makes changes to checklists, employees and roles, you need to update the tablet to reflect the changes.  Do do this, select the Refresh Database menu option.

Video: Offline Operation - Local Database Refresh