Daily Workflow

1. Complete Daily Checklists -as required

2. Generate daily food safety report -end of day

3. Review, Approve, and Email report -daily

4. Synchronize Data (Done automatically if app is open and checklists are not open)

(You may download our "Daily Task" cheat sheet for your team here and print it off for display next to your iPad)

Complete Checklists (cooked food checklist demo)

Review, Approve and Email Reports

Additional Information

Food safety checklists can be used for:

  • Cooked food to ensure it being cooked to the proper temperatures
  • Refrigerators and freezers to ensure that food is being stored at safe temperatures
  • Employee hygiene practices to ensure proper hand washing and gloving procedures
  • Calibration of temperature probes
  • Management Walk-through's, etc.

For example, at Freaky Chicken (our fictional QSR brand), they are required to complete the following checklists each day:

  1. Startup checklist (due by 6 AM)
    1. Check calibration of thermometer 
    2. Ensure inventory of food safety supplies
    3. Verify employee health 
    4. Check refrigerators and freezers

  2. Morning Menu Checklists (due by 6 AM)
    1.  Freaky Egg - round egg used in breakfast sandwiches
    2.  Freaky Sausage - used in breakfast sandwiches

  3. Lunch Menu Checklists (due by 11:30 AM)
    1. Freakin Chicken - chicken breast for sandwiches
    2. Freakin Tenders - chicken tenders
    3. Freakin Nuggets - chicken nuggets
    4. Freakin Grilled Chicken - grilled chicken for sandwiches
    5. Freakin Crispy Chicken - breaded, fried chicken breast for sandwiches
    6. Freakin Spicy Chicken spicy chicken breast for sandwiches
    7. Freakin Spicy Nuggets - spicy chicken nuggets
    8. Fresh Freakin Beef - 1/4 lb. hamburger patties

Freaky Chicken must complete eleven (11) checklists each day.  The Freaky Egg is required to be tested on two egg cookers and the Fresh Freakin Beef is required to be cooked on 4 grill surfaces, or platens.  With FoodSafe.io™, you can easily parallel food safety tests and have multiple checklists running at the same time.