Introduction™ determines whether an employee can perform a checklist or view/approve reports based on what roles are assigned to the employee.  You can change the permission requirements by alerting the specified roles for each checklist or report.  The following video demonstrates how to accomplish this using a web browser and using the™ app.

The following table shows the default permissions for checklists and reports.

Function/TaskEmployee RoleManager RoleFoodSafety RoleDFSReport Role
Edit checklist definitions

Edit configuration information

Perform manual checklist

Perform food safety checklist


View reportsX

Receive report PDF via email

Approve reports

 There are two ways you can manage permissions for checklists and reports:

  1. Using the web interface - this is a convenient method that allows you manage configuration for all locations using a simple web interface.  You must refresh the tablet after you make changes in the web interface to pull the changes into the tablet.  See "Offline Operation" for more information.
  2. Using the™ app - this allows you to manage roles for checklists and reports for the configured location

The following video demonstrates both methods.