In rare instances where Bluetooth connections fail with™ Mobile App, you might need to reset your BlueTherm One thermometer's saved paired settings.

This document will walk you through the very short process, step-by-step.


Before beginning, ensure your BlueTherm One thermometer is turned off. 

  1. Press and hold the yellow button down permanently.

  2. The display will show the software revision -IE: "r 1.03"

  3. Then, it will show the current probe temp (for about 5 seconds)

  4. Next, you will see “cLr

  5. After that, “bond” will be displayed.  
  6. The current temperature should now be displayed and all previously saved Bluetooth pairing information should be cleared from the unit.

  7. Please launch™ and pair the Bluetherm One thermometer with the app.